Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton & Best Window Cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton & Best Window Cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton & Best Window Cleaning


For further information on our specialist cleaning services including Office Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Floor Care and Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB.

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be reached 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Alternatively, to view full information on our Janitorial Services, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE


Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton


We offer fully flexible cleaning plans: day, evening, and overnight and weekend timetables are available.

We spend more of our time working inside than we've ever had. The quality of the air we breathe in the office, and its cleanliness, plays a large part in our health.

Employee sick day’s costs a company a lot of lost productivity, so knowing how to prevent workplace illness is important to a successful business operation.

Most people who get sick in the office do so because of cross-contamination. This means that people touch a surface with germs and then touch someone else by spreading themselves to other people of the illness that they have. Swinton Building Services janitorial cleaning services will thoroughly clean all areas of the problem to minimize risk and avoid contamination of harmful germs so that your employees do not get sick.

Hiring Swinton Building Services for cleaning your office is an investment that you and your employees will not regret. You can be sure that we will make your office sparkle and germ-free.


Tailored Cleaning Solutions which Suit Your Needs

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, and floors
  • Administrative areas, reception areas & meeting rooms,
  • Hallways, elevators, and stairs
  • Deep clean Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Floor waxing and polishing & recoating


Swinton Building Services is family owned and operated and is enjoying good success due to our high standards of customer service. Your business needs are important to us and we take great care to continually maintain your trust. You can expect high standards of Janitorial Cleaning Services in Edmonton, reliable honest staff, site monitoring and affordable prices. We also guarantee our green cleaning products comply with the highest environmental and safety standards. These key points we find in customers’ requirements for commercial cleaning companies and we try to deliver them at all times.


Areas Swinton Building Services Conduct Janitorial Cleaning Services

General Offices - Multi-Tenant Facilities- Medical Offices

Schools, Pre-schools, and Day Care - Churches

Auto Dealerships - Fitness Centers - Restaurants

Property Managed Buildings

Studies show that office health and cleanliness plays an important role in productivity. Office workplaces, namely desks can contain more than 400 times the amount of germs and bacteria as a bathroom toilet, germs contribute to Canadian workers who take an average of seven sick days a year. These numbers can be reduced by the implementation of an office cleaning and janitorial cleaning service program that prevents germs from spreading.


Best Window Cleaning & Wall Washing

Wall Washing

Swinton Building Services uses the best power wash equipment available today on the market. Our busy wall washing services include sidewalks, driveways & parking lots, and brick and stone outside. No matter what the mess is, we can clean it, and your property will look and look as new from Swinton Building Services industrial strength pressure wash.

Swinton building services can offer very short notice specialized graffiti removal services. We understand that there are sensitive cases where customers demand that we respond promptly and urgently to remove offensive or unsightly graffiti.

This presence may have an unwanted impact on your employees or clients, especially when the graffiti was through vandalism. Because graffiti is usually made with split paint, it can cover any surface and it can be difficult to remove conventional cleaning methods

Our fast response, our highly efficient professional staff and our expertise and experience in the fast removal of graffiti are the main reasons that our customers always return to Swinton Building Services for our specialized industrial cleaning service.

Window Cleaning

We maintain shopping centers and commercial buildings that help you get a polished look to give your customers the insight. We offer a custom schedule, varying from week to year, to suit our services to satisfy your business needs. Regardless of your budget, we can plan a program to meet your cost goals. We guide the industry with a leading security program to ensure the protection of your customers and employees, as well as our cleaners.

We offer qualified, professional window cleaning staff with many years of experience at all our locations and projects. They are guaranteed a professional Commercial Cleaning window cleaning service when you choose Swinton Building Services.

Over the last three decades, we have helped many businesses get away from dark windows and look clear. Swinton Building Services has many staff who have worked through a strict selection procedure to make sure they are trustworthy and have no background issues that will affect your company.

Swinton Building Services ensure all of our window cleaning chemicals are safe for the environment. We only use the best and greenest of chemicals that also help to protect your windows and your employees when used indoors for your internal window cleaning.

Our commercial window cleaning today offers state-of-the-art technology to enable our specialist teams to work in some of Edmonton's toughest and demanding buildings. Our teams of highly trained cleaners use a variety of solutions to gain access to all types of building windows

Our window cleaners can achieve success using water fed poles. These systems use pure water. Clean water attracts dirt from the window as it attempts to return to an unclean condition. It keeps the dirt from the window in the water. The window cleaning process is then completed with a rinse aid from the water-fed poles which make the glass clean, sterile and without any detergent residue.

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be reached 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Alternatively, to view full information on our Janitorial Services, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE




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