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Janitorial Cleaning Services Edmonton AB |Janitorial Edmonton with 1 FREE Cleaning

Janitorial Services Getting on Top of You?

Are you becoming unsatisfied by a sloppy office and commercial cleaning standard? Have missed cleanings let you down? Why not do what content clients across Edmonton have taken the time to do and contact Swinton Building Services for a free assessment and quote.

With training, our staff provides deep cleaning in many areas of your business. This helps with the following.

  • Can Remove 99.97% of bacteria, allergens, and dust from your offices
  • Prevents the spreading of viruses and bacteria throughout your offices
  • Efficient and effective methods and techniques for Janitorial Cleaning Services
  • Environmentally responsible and green cleaning


Guest’s critic you and your business by their first impressions and your workforce accomplish more when they have the finest setting to work in.

At Swinton Building Services, your idyllic office atmosphere generates a detailed list of commercial cleaning services job stipulations for each area based on its usage. With hands-on checking to safeguard that arranged Key Performance Indicators are met every day.


  • The uppermost individual accountability for all our janitorial contracts in Edmonton
  • Training, performance, stability, and availability according to our quality standards and expectations for all our office cleaning in Edmonton
  • Client peace of mind in our firm with full commercial insurance
  • Fully bonded and insured for all of our Edmonton Janitorial Services
  • All cleaning workforce account to our supervisor for procedures and quality assurance for our commercial cleaning contracts in Edmonton
  • As a business strategy, we do not employ subcontractors. We take accountability for our responsibilities toward our clients and workers, and we fully respect all our janitorial jobs in Edmonton and will even take care of your janitorial provisions in Edmonton.
  • We use the best Green Cleaning Chemicals obtainable for all of our Edmonton cleaning contracts.


You comprehend the importance of decent governance - it is vital for the triumph of your business. The identical standing lies in the way you choose your janitorial services provider - you need a specialized, dependable companion to work unsupervised yet who you know will get the job done.


Our Janitorial Services in Edmonton:

  • Shopping strips and Malls including Stores,
  • Junior Schools High Schools, and Colleges
  • Bank Branches and Commercial Offices,
  • Nursing Homes, Sports centers,
  • Restaurants


The delivery of distinction in commercial and office cleaning services can be accredited largely to three factors: people, education/ training, and flexibility. Swinton Building Services has been offering an extensive variety of expert commercial cleaning services and additional high-quality services in Edmonton AB for over 28 years.

  • Company & Commercial Restrooms & Building Air Vents,
  • Office Carpets & Staff Kitchens
  • Dirty Curtains, Furnishings and other high traffic areas.


We are indisputable we focus on the usage of the most devoted and effective people, providing top class training in all expenses of cleaning and sanitization, and providing our customers with inexpensive services that meet their specific requirements has contributed to our sustained accomplishment.

For further information on our specialist cleaning services including Office Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Green Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Carpet Care, Floor Care and Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton AB.

Please contact our cleaning services experts in Edmonton on 780 – 939 – 2799 who can be contacted 24 hours per day and 365 days per year

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