Hood Cleaning in Edmonton AB | Restaurant Cleaning Services |Janitorial Services in Edmonton

Hood Cleaning in Edmonton and Restaurant Cleaning Services |Janitorial Services in Edmonton

Hood Cleaning in Edmonton AB | Restaurant Cleaning Services |Janitorial Services in Edmonton

Clean exhaust systems reduce the fire risk in the restaurant and are one of the main defenses against many fire hazards in a commercial kitchen. The regular cleaning and maintenance of your hood and your exhaust system is a regular cleaning. Clean exhaust systems are more efficient in eliminating odors from the kitchen of a restaurant and help keep your kitchens cool and comfortable and promote human performance to support your gastronomic operation in Edmonton AB.

  • Interior and exterior of kitchen hoods deep cleaned
  • Grease Removal throughout all your hood and exhaust systems
  • Removal and replacement of filters if needed
  • Cleaning of all restaurant exhaust ductwork where accessible
  • Thorough cleaning of exhaust fans

Reduce or eliminate the risks of professional kitchen cleaning, keeping your customers and employees safe and running your restaurant. First, the kitchen cleaning services are prepared to handle your business appointments to send teams overnight so your working hours are not working.

We can organize cleanings quickly and efficiently because of our commitment to our customers. We can work out of hours to minimize downtime and we are on standby 24/7 days a week. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services include:

Structural cleaning, Cooking equipment, De-greasing, Extraction cleaning

Canopy/filter cleaning, Duct cleaning, General cleaning, Hood Cleaning

Edmonton Hood Cleaning by Swinton

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services Benefits

  • A cost-effective restaurant cleaning service that helps to improve your bottom line
  • Your kitchen becomes more energy efficient
  • Shorter cooking times and higher production rates
  • Increases your equipment life and making emergency repairs
  • Reduces risks of oven fires
  • Maintain full compliance with lower insurance premiums


Commercial kitchen deep cleaning lets you build a wonderful reputation as a professional business that complies with all standards of hygiene. Swinton Building Services offers restaurants deep cleaning service in Edmonton AB.

Dirty kitchens put your customers at risk through food-borne diseases and present a high risk of fire due to dirty cleaning hoods. And if your kitchen is not cared for ( commercial kitchen deep cleaning )in full accordance with all state and federal laws, your restaurant may be fined or closed until the problem is sorted, yet more damaging is your reputation. Swinton Building Services kitchen cleaners specialize in providing hygiene services (such as steam cleaning) and will ensure that every area of your kitchen is cleaned without any use of toxic and/or harmful chemicals that may cause problems in food preparation areas.

Swinton Building Services provides a full-service low-cost package for your kitchen. Our professionally trained team of specialists leave your kitchen immaculate and our advanced equipment and specially formulated chemicals eliminate bacteria, remove stubborn food deposits and stains and leave your kitchen spic and span!

Swinton Building Services offers a full-service affordable kitchen deep cleaning packages for you. We will thoroughly clean the areas that are less accessible and can be forgotten or ignored.  Our advanced equipment and specially formulated green cleaning chemicals eliminate over 98% of bacteria, remove stubborn foods and stains, and leave your kitchen in a healthy state.

Hood Cleaning in Edmonton AB by Swinton

Our Commitment

Why we rise above the other Commercial Cleaning Services Companies?

  • All of our skilled crews are security checked.
  • A1 cleaning approach including our superior “360 cleaning system”
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed as standard
  • We have a strict hiring process and selection
  • Our staff who perform all Commercial Cleaning Services

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