Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Many customers in Edmonton request window cleaning services from Swinton Building Services not just for their windows but also for their internal glass and mirrors.

This internal glass also has two sides which must both be cleaned equally for the glass to appear clean from smudges, soil and streaks. Much of this is required on a regular basis and can be included with your normal exterior window cleaning service.

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Windows are one sure way of increasing curb appeal, not just from the road, but also customers in a shopping mall, who are more likely to enter a shop when the windows are clean rather than glass that looks grubby or dirty.

As window cleaning can be one of the areas which require the most cleaning, there is a huge amount of water that can re-enter the natural waterways, Swinton Building Solutions ensure all of our window cleaning chemicals are safe for the environment. We only use the best and greenest of chemicals that also help to protect your windows and your employees when used indoors for your internal window cleaning.

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Many companies are wary of strangers entering their building, Swinton Business Services only hire cleaning professionals who have been fully vetted and background checked. This we do as to protect your company, yet to also make sure we have the best staff available who can provide the best service for you which we can do in the most affordable way possible.

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