Affordable & Professional Floor Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Floor Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

Affordable & Professional Floor Cleaning Services Edmonton AB

With all our commercial clients, we encourage open communication to help educate about the options available for the repair or maintenance of their hard surfaces. Whether your business is an elegant hotel or a beautiful office building lobby, we take the same steps to set up an appropriate hard surface maintenance plan or recovery plan tailored to their needs.

Many of our customers see an increase in the appearance quality of their flooring and hard surfaces. Also, it is often more cost effective to pay the Swinton Building Services. After purchasing supplies and paying and training employees, the cost of Swinton Building Services hard surface cleaning services program usually ends up being less expensive. We also use the best green cleaning chemicals which will not harm the surface in your hard floor cleaning services.

Natural Stone

  • Full hard floor restoration services, from grinding to polishing
  • Regular maintenance services, fully tailored for your facility
  • Exterior floor cleaning, weatherproofing

Hard Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring services use a particular rotary machine with a base of fine sand paper designed to remove dust and fine scratches from the surface of your hardwood floors. The next step in the process is to restore and clean the floors. After the floors have been checked, we apply a commercial hardwood floor-clean layer so that your floor will shine so much in most cases. Hardwood floor dustless polishing, when done by a certified Swinton Building Services flooring professional, can help restore your wood floors to a beautiful, new quality.


Locations where hard floors are commonly found

  • Shopping strips and Malls including Stores, Junior Schools High Schools, and Colleges
  • Bank Branches and Commercial Offices, Nursing Homes, Sports centers, and Restaurants

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